THE RISE OF A STAR?--------- Lomachenko v Salido

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Orlando Salido

Scheduled for : March 1
HBO Boxing
Chavez v Vera 2 undercard
For WBO World Featherweight (126lbs) title
PREDICTION : Lomachenko by TKO

After dominating amatuer boxing for over 7 years Vasyl Lomachenko is trying to build a reputation in pro boxing as fast as possible. In his second pro fight, Orlando Salido provides him a great opportunity to prove his greatness against a tough opponent and get the respect he deserves.

Lomachenko is a complete fighter. Normally if fighters are elusive they can be a little over defensive (think Rigondeaux or Bradley) or if they are aggressive they often get careless on defense (think Hatton or Pacquiao). Lomachenko is a very rare species of boxer who is both impossibly elusive and can apply constant intelligent pressure.


Lomachenko will use his superior footwork to maintain distance, not letting Salido get close. Mikey Garcia did this to great effect on his way to beating Salido in an 8 round decision early in 2013. Salido is really only effective at close range and struggled against the constantly moving Garcia as his footwork is not a strong point. He consequently ends up lunging and bending forward while chasing his more fleet footed opponent around the ring. In the following video this bending forward exposes his chin and Garcia takes advantage with an uppercut knockdown.

Even if he does get in close range against Lomachenko he will often be swinging at air. Take a look at the highlights in the following video of Lomachenko’s impressive pro debut win over Ramirez. He uses perfect head movement to have his opponent constantly miss. Ramirez misses on 11 of 13 punches. His ability to see all these punches coming is amazing.

When Salido misses he will be left off balance and his defence will be compromised. His tendency to bend forward will leave his chin open to body shot punches and uppercuts. In the following video Lomachenko shows the skills required to execute this strategy. He opens up Ramirez by making him miss and then delivers a very accurate and powerful body shot on both knockdowns.

Not only is Lomachenko a great technical fighter with brilliant defensive skills, he is also not afraid to come forward and attack. Vasyl Lomachenko vs Orlando Salido is a not to be missed fight if you want to see boxing at its best. It will be a Lomachenko masterpiece and Salido will provide a great canvass.

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